Thousand Trails of Texas

On October 11, 1987 a small group of Thousand Trails members met at Medina Lake Preserve and at the suggestion of the manager, Ben Carr, decided to form an official FMCA chapter for those who belong to Thousand Trails and FMCA. The by-laws were drawn up, submitted to FMCA and Thousand Trails of Texas FMCA charter was granted on December 5, 1987.

From the initial membership of 12 coaches, the roster grew to as many as 79 coaches in 1993 and currently has 50 member coaches. There are five charter members still active in the chapter. Membership includes couples, singles and families.

Retired or working families, singles, and couples are welcome. While not mandated, the majority of the six annual rallies are held at Thousand Trails preserves in Texas. While the primary purpose of the organization is to have fun and build relationships, the Chapter does provide financial support for local Fire and Law Enforcement departments through fundraising.

Throughout the years, Thousand Trails of Texas Chapter of FMCA has volunteered at numerous Six-State Rallies sponsored by FMCA, as well as FMCA International Conventions. All who have participated agree its hard work – but great memories.

The Chapter’s 20th anniversary was celebrated in January of 2007 at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails Preserve. Fred Kennedy, one of our chapter members who became the President of South Central Area, along with dignitaries from FMCA presented our award and twenty year pins.

Our Chapter’s 25th anniversary was celebrated in November 2012 at Thousand Trails Medina Lake. Fred and Lou Kennedy one of our charter members was the Wagon Master for the rally. Several activities were planned for the rally including a tour in the San Antonio area. Several of the charter members, who no longer are traveling, attended with pictures of the early years and lots of great stories. Members were presented with twenty-five year pins.

We celebrated our Thirty years as an active FMCA Chapter in 2017. We’d love for you to be a part of the road trip!

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